Susy's Cookbook

Due to great demand we have decided to propose to you some of our dishes that you may taste at Salvin. If you liked them then you can try to make them at home and don’t forget to let us know how you got on.

Have fun and Happy Cooking…Susy
16 July 2018

Spinach and Leek Flan

This spinach and leek flan is a tasty but delicate starter served with a gorgonzola and grana padana cheese sauce. Ingredients: 500g spinach 1 leek olive […]
16 July 2018

Wild mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto is one of the most important Italian dishes. It’s creamy and full of flavor, perfect for an autumn evening! Ingredients: 20g dried porcini mushrooms […]
16 July 2018

Warm chocolate heart

A delicious pudding, easy to prepare (in advance) and cook when you want!
16 July 2018

Salvin’s Jam Tart

A very rustic jam tart that is delicious.
16 July 2018

Apple cake

This apple cake is perfect for breakfast or for afternoon tea. It is light and simple to prepare. Ingredients: 200 ml olive oil 300g sugar 4 […]
16 July 2018


Here is our recipe for the cookies that we prepare for your breakfast!
6 October 2017

Piedmont’s green sauce

The green sauce is a typical Piedmont sauce that goes very well with some of our traditional dishes, especially boiled beef and sliced tongue. We also […]