• 1981the beginning

    The laying down of the first bricks
  • 1983a new idea

    It has been decided to unite the idea of a mountain hostel with farming activities
  • 1985the opening

    Salvin officially opens on the 5th of May 1985
  • 1996a new important venture

    Especially for children and teenagers the summer camp blends farming activities with educational activities in English.
  • 2005the first 20 Years of Activity

    We celebrated this achievement with a great festival attended by many people including Alpine representatives and local politicians
  • 2007renovation

    This year, an enormous renovation project began to provide more facilities and comfort for our customers
  • 2015a remarkable goal

    30 years of mountain farm Salvin
  • 2018a new renovation

    A new stone cottage is being renovated at ‘ Veilin’, near Menulla
  • 2019a serious loss

    On 10 February, Giancarlo Tomasino, the oldest brother, passed away. Giancarlo collaborated from the beginning in the construction of the shelter and was fundamental in the care of the animals.

The mountain farm and the Tomasino family

This is the story of mountain farm Salvin. Pure air and genuine food.
The first brick was laid in 1981.
In 1983 it was decided to unite the mountain activities with farming activities. Our mountain farm opened on the 5th of May 1985. In the same year, the Tomasino family won the ‘ loyalty to the mountains’ award from the national Alpine association.
In 1992 Susan Allen (Beppe’s English wife), joins the team. One year later their twins, Emily and Benjamin are born.
1994 was the beginning of a new important venture for children and teenagers: summer camp salvin, uniting mountain and farming activities with educational activities in English.
In 1999 extreme weather conditions badly damaged our mountain farm, ripping off the roof.
In 2000 our third child, George was born.
The first 20 years of Salvin were celebrated in 2005 with the Alpine association and the presence of important politicians.
It was decided in 2007 to renovate our mountain farm to make it more spacious and comfortable for our customers.
Beppe’s mother, Bruna Maria a fundamental support to Salvin, sadly passed away in 2013.
Two years later Salvin reached 30 years of activity. This important goal is celebrated with 3 days of festivity.
This is the story of Mountain Farm Salvin. During all these years we would like to say thank you for the support of the local authorities and all the people that have been with us since the beginning of this journey.
We will do our best to continue to drive forward the great Tomasino family.