Go to the Salvin on foot

Monastero lake
13 October 2017
16 July 2018

There are several alternative routes to the Salvin, the choice depends only on time and the desire to walk.


1 – Access to Salvin via the track road
At Monastero di Lanzo, at the little church ‘San Grato;, turn right towards The hamlet ‘ Mecca’. Once you have passed the last few houses you will take the partly track, partly tarmac road towards mountain farm Salvin. You can follow this road by car during the opening period of Salvin ( april to December) , otherwise you could park the car at Mecca and walk ( 8km, mostly up hill).
When you reach 1300 meters height you will see a little mountain village and the shrine of Marsaglia.
At 1580meters you will arrive at the Salvin mountain pasteurs, dominated by the mountain farm.
The road can be followed on foot during the winter when Salvin is closed, If there is snow present you may need snow shoes.
On foot it will take about 2 hours and 45 minutes

2 - The path from Marsaglia shrine
Once you have arrived at the mountain village of Marsaglia , 1300metres, (after turning left at “San Grato church towards Mecca), follow the footpath to the left of the road. You will go up, though a Beech wood, then pass an enormous rock ( Balma Bianca) and continue to follow steep stretches until you reach the old mountain building of ‘Cialma’. Another steep section and you will come out in the fields of Salvin Pasteur joining the track road.
It will take about 45 minutes.

3 – Path from the village of Sistina ( Chiaves)
This starts at the pilar of Curdumpero at 1166metres, not far from the fountain Sistina square ( Chaives).
Follow the path, slightly uphill until you get to the farmstead of Proima ( 1296metres). From here the path will follow through the wood until you reach the hamlet of Marsaglia . From here you can take thepath from Marsaglia shrine.
It will take about 2 hours 30 minutes.

4 – Path from Menulla
This is probably the easiest track path. Take the path from the peak of ‘Forchetta’ (1660 metres) to ‘ Menulla’. To get to Forchetta you follow the road from Sistina (Chiaves). There is a barrier at San Giacomo (after Sistina , towards Forchetta). This is open only from the mid May until end of October. If it is closed you need to calculate another 45 minutes walking time. When the barrier is open, leave the car at the Forchetta area, walk down the road a little and you will find the indication for the path (on your left) to salvin.
It will take about 1 hour.