From Lanzo to Salvin

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16 July 2018
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17 July 2018

From Lanzo to Salvin

The road from Lanzo to the Salvin, about 7.5 km long, alternates between stretches of asphalt and other dirt roads, and has numerous tears interspersed with stretches of flat land.


From lanzo follow the signs for Monastero di Lanzo. After about ten km you arrive at the centre of the village, where if you want to park your car immediately, you will find a large car park. After passing the town centre, continue for a few kilometres and, at a hairpin bend, turn right for Mecca. The road climbs up to the hamlet of Mecca and at the beginning of the dirt road, following signs for the Salvin Hut. You can park the car at the beginning of the road.

On a mountain bike you cycle along the main dirt road, which shows the signs for the mountain farm. The 7.5 km long road alternates between asphalt sections (usually the steepest sections) and other dirt tracks, and has numerous fairly hard tears interspersed with sections where it levels out and where it can be trimmed. We pass by the charming Marsaglia Sanctuary from where, in a short time, after a last more difficult ramp, we arrive at the Salvin.

The return journey takes place along the route of the outward journey or, from the mountain farm you can continue reaching the dirt road that arrives in Menulla and Lake Monastery and continues to the Alpe di Costapiana and Colle di Perascritta.

In this case, take the dirt road, which is forbidden to motor traffic and which starts immediately upstream of the Salvin Hut. After a short stretch, there is a fork: continue along the road that goes up to the right, with the signs of trail 407 3R (yellow and red). The road is characterized by some ups and downs until you reach the other dirt road and the meadows of Menulla. Descending downwards, the road continues towards Chiaves. Continuing uphill, however, after a short while you arrive at Colle della Forchetta, and following the road with a beautiful scenic route, you arrive after about 5 km at Lake Monastero. You can continue and, past the huts of Alpe Coassolo, you reach a junction: on the left you can pedal to the hill of Perascritta, on the right you reach the Alpe di Costapiana.

To return you can return to the mountain farm and the car following the same route or you can go down in the direction of Menulla and then Chiaves, thus closing a long loop path.

As far as the return is concerned, the paths that make the descent to Mtb possible have recently been redesigned. These are some enduring trails, so they are not suitable for any type of bike or rider. We start from the chalets of “Rocca del Gallo”, upstream the dirt road that goes uphill, we find a path on the crest, the n. 332, which stands out at Colle della Forchetta. Once in the square, the path starts again on the right continuing to the huts of S.Barbara. From here, descending the meadow, at the junction turn left and then return to the paved road, at the junction for the private road of St. James. This first piece of trail is mainly on the ridge and scenic, suitable even for a beginner level of rider. The second route requires an already experienced level.

Crossing the road, we find the beginning of path 403, a stretch characterized by a small slope but technical due to the presence of a very rocky path. Descend to the Curdumpero-Proima mule track. Cross the little road again to take path no. 406 for Mecca. This last section of the trail is the fastest and most downhill one, again requiring an expert level. The trail ends in Mecca at the beginning of the dirt road that leads up to the Salvin Hut.

We would like to remind you that we, like Salvin Hut, organize gatherings or nocturnal events with full moon by bike once a month during the opening period. We update you on dates by writing them down on our website and Facebook page.

For more information on this and other routes, look at or contact “MTB PRESIBENE”, a group of young people who create and maintain trails for bicycles in our area.