Monastero lake

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6 October 2017
Go to the Salvin on foot
16 July 2018

The lake of Monastero is located in the valleys of Lanzo in the municipality of Cantoira, about 200 meters west of the border with the territory of Monastero di Lanzo. Its waters are tributary to the Stura di Valgrande.


The itinerary, which can be followed on foot or by mountain bike, starts from Rifugio Salvin along the dirt road that passes through Passo della Forchetta (1590 m). The road gradually climbs up the pastures along the pastures and allows you to enjoy an extraordinary view of the Po Valley on one side and the Graie Alps on the other. In the absence of fog, the view extends from Monviso to Monterosa.

When you reach the lake, you are already more than halfway along a circular route and you can decide which path to take:
– going back to the Alpe di Monastero through a path that leads directly to the Rifugio Salvin (trail no. 407);
– continuing with the road and arriving at the Colle di Perascritta (2158 m) from where you can see the Val Locana and the Gran Paradiso;
– from Alpe di Costapiana, take path 408A, which, rejoining the path coming from Vaccarezza, takes you back to the starting point in a couple of hours.