31 March 2019

Saturday 13th of July Rockabilly Show

A show for everyone that will make all there audience want to dance and have fun. Not to be missed!
20 February 2019

Nocturnal bicycle meeting 2019

The nocturnal “bicycle meeting“, also open to hikers, will be held on different dates throughout the summer season, weather conditions permitting: Friday 17 May Friday 14th June […]
20 July 2018

Saturday 24th of August Salvin Irish Night

24th August… an evening of live music to celebrate the summer at Salvin. Once again we are having an Irish night, dancing to folk, blues and […]
20 July 2018

Saturday 26th of October “Pig Festival”

Saturday, October 26 is repeated the now famous “pig festival“, the festival with the center of the pork prepared and served in various recipes.